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Role Players 2022

Cherry Africa

Chief Awakener of Awesome People; Founding Director
World Stage International

Cherry Africa or The Girl on Fire, is one of the world's leading thought experts in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She ferociously studies human beings and works alongside teams and leaders so that more awesome results can prosper in this universe. Cherry is at present a full-time coach, trainer, motivational speaker, business consultant, author and firewalking trainer. Cherry has spoken in international conferences in London, Greece, America, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India and The Philippines. In London, she was given the very first standing ovation at a Global Firemasters Conference participated by trainers representing 15 different countries, mostly in Europe. A total of 500,000 people have been trained by Cherry.

In the last few covid months alone, Cherry has spoken to close to 150 rallies to awaken the new spirit of transformation in this fast-changing new normal. Bringing 20 years of experience in the human transformation industry, Cherry is one of the leaders in the Human Transformation industry in the Asia Pacific region forging the co- creation of the New World Force rising at the heat of the pandemic crisis.

Cherry has been awarded Asia's most distinguished leader and is one of the top 100 Most Influential Filipina in the world. Cherry's body of work has been featured in CNN, ANC TV, Inquirer, Philippine Star, Bangkok Post, Star Malaysia, RX Radio, Talk Shop Asia, Parent Singapore, Manila Bulletinandaaaaa Expat Magazine. She has also been invited to appear as guest expert in the new normal panel interviews, in keynote rallies and discussion circles in various conferences like The Million Dollar Round Table Annual Conference in the USA, The Global Firewalking Gathering, the NLP Conferences in UK and India and The Awesome People Conference in Asia.

Cherry has written books like Fuel for the Sole and is a Mind Coach in various outreach programs like Botched Philippines that prospers STEM Education among the youth and the Rotary Youth Leadership programs. She is also at the helm of TEAMBDUILDING PINAS project where she leads a team of energineers to work tirelessly to awaken the national consciousness of the Filipino leaders.