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Feedback 2022

Feedback 2022

Prituparna Dasgupta, Executive Vice President Network Planning & Strategy, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited

Thanks to the world women leadership congress for identifying me and felicitating me. I feel extremely privileged to share this stage with so many beautiful women from such diverse backgrounds - entrepreneurs, HR professionals, consultants, writers, professors and even nutritionists and gold medalist body builders!
I come from Zee and am in the field of consumer insights and enabling data informed decision making . I feel an insight has the power to inspire great innovation in any industry and am glad that my work in this space has been recognized.
I would like to thank my family, current & previous employers, manager, peers and especially my team on this occasion since without their blessings and support I would not have been standing here. Once again many thanks to the jury. I feel extremely delighted to be amongst such accomplished women leaders!

Poonam Soni, India's leading jewelry designer, Multifaceted Personality & Fashion Icon

It was a pleasure to felicitate the achievers of the mumbai Womens leaders platform . Such platforms which honour women from all walks of life inspire growth and momentum to society . These women ranging from corporate , fashion to astrology for market growth and body building were very passionate and inspiring . I resonate with those who voiced that they want to be known as Leaders and not Women leaders , to do away with the demarcation to compete on a sex neutral platform. Cheers to them

Dr. Vidushi Agrawal, Head of Department - Dietetics and Nutrition, Riddhi Vinayak Multispeciality Organization

This certificate of appreciation was just not a paper / certificate, it made me realize that i was amongst those few in the city of mumbai who was chosen for the prestigious award by your company. Your company has taken efforts to recognize our efforts as a women and it meant a lot to me and I am sure to all the women there on the stage. This recognition / award made me feel more responsible towards the work i am doing

I really thank from the bottom of my heart to your Aalokji and your team for recognizing my efforts in my field in front of everyone. it really made my day and has further motivated me to be continue with my efforts with much more enthusiasm

Natashja Rathore, CEO - SBOX by Sakshi, Sakshi

In a world where professionals apply for and pay to get awards, it was thoroughly refreshing to know that there are genuine awards where the organisers take the time and effort to do their research and award people based on merit alone. The Mumbai Women Leaders awards were hosted at the Taj Lands End and it was an enriching opportunity to meet accomplished and awe-inspiring women from all walks of life. Once again,
thank you very much for this!

Puja Kashyap, Marketing Head, The-mod

Thanks a lot. It was my pleasure coming to your felicitation ceremony. What a pure vibes and start of the day. Just loved it and i m still getting goosebumps thinking about it. It was lovely meeting you all and sharing space with such talented persons.

Michelle Iyer, Head - Marketing Operations, Blinctrip

The World Women's Leadership Congress is a great forum to be part of and to be recognized by them has been an honour and I am truly humbled. The event itself was an amazing experience , more so to be in the elite company of strong and empowered women from different walks of life and listen to their inspiring stories.

Subhasmruti Mohanty, Prorietor, Sellque

Women are still underrepresented in the society, but together we can inspire and encourage each other. That's why these award means a lot. I am convinced that celebrating our success has a positive impact on all women. The award winning stories about individuals can serve as role models and inspiration for other to keep pushing and unlock their own potential. I express my sincerest gratitude for this Award. Thanks a lot.

Srija Shahin, Programming Head - Colors Odia, Viacom Media 18 Ltd.

Sincere gratitude to the World Women Leadership Congress and CMO Asia for recognising me as one of Odisha's Top Women Leaders. I am grateful for being felicitated as Odisha's Women Leader 2022. It's a matter of extreme privilege to be in such elite company. Stories through your platform will help encourage young women to break barriers and create a strong identity for themselves across industries. Applauds and appreciations to the research team for identifying unique talents from various domains in Odisha.

CS Sarita Upadhyay, Company Secretary, Odisha Rail Infrastructure Development Ltd.

It is indeed an honour to have received the "Odisha's Women Leader Award 2022". I am elated and would like to convey my heartiest gratitude to World Women Leadership Congress for their splendid efforts in recognising Women from different sectors across the globe. This recognition carries paramount inspiration for me and will empower many such women to shine like never before. It's been a wonderful experience.

Anuki Premachandra, Senior Communications Officer, International Research & Exchanges Board, Sri Lanka

The role that the Women Leadership Congress plays in recognising and celebrating women leaders across the world is truly commendable. I am grateful to be recognised among real change-makers in Sri Lanka and hope that platforms such as this empower us to strive for better!

N. D. Nishamani Bhagya Rathnayake, Lead Manager – Research and Development, LankaClear (Private) Limited

Thank you to the World Women Leadership Congress and CMO Asia for honouring me with the title of 'Sri Lanka's Women Leader'.
Leadership is a journey; In my leadership journey, I consider confidence, resilience and consistency as my three main watchwords that helped me succeed this far.

Kumerini Christina Silva Candappa, Head of Sales and Marketing, Bairaha Farms Plc

I am truly honored and grateful to be part of Sri Lanka's women Leaders for 2022 . Thank you to the inspiring tenacious Dr R,L Bhatia, Dr Aalok and the jury panel together with World womens leadership congress for providing a platform to recognize women leaders in several regions globally. I am happy everyday doing what I love best which is Marketing to consumers and Selling to customers a role which goes hand in hand . Driving empowerment across, adding value in all work processes and encouraging the workforce to think & do more than their mundane job. I keep in mind that Learning is a lifelong journey and try to instill in my people that the only way for fulfillment in their professional career is by it. Wishing everyone a wonderful Journey of achievement ahead! Thank you